Portable Bed Bug Solution System

Bed Bug Guard™ is a portable Bed Bug solution system designed to disburse an all-natural solution created to kill and provide a safe residual for the elimination of bed bugs in all stages. This system can be safely used by you or your staff. This is a perfect solution for multi-unit properties, senior care facilities and the hospitality industry because of its quick turnaround time.

Bed Bug Guard™ was designed to distribute a fine haze of Bed Bug Magic™, a naturally-derived, all-purpose insecticide that kills bed bugs and other insects. Bed Bug Magic™ is a contact insecticide which provides quick knockdown/kill and broad spectrum control. Bed Bug Magic™ is safe to use around children and pets.

Unlike wet foggers, the Portable Bed Bug Guard™ Solution System produces a heavy but fine haze of Bed Bug Magic™ throughout the room to allow the insecticide to enter small cracks and crevices that spraying directly may not penetrate.  The machine is portable, lightweight and easy to move. Unit weighs 26 lbs., light enough to move from room to room using only one person.

Installation:  Installation is simple. Fill the unit, plug it in, center it in the room, set the timer and close the door.  No guess work! Simple and easy to use!

Refilling:  The Portable Bed Bug Guard™ Prevention System has a filler cap on top.  Be sure to use a funnel and pour slowly to avoid spilling or overfilling.  Any spillage should be cleaned.

Recommended Bed Bug Prevention Solution: Bed Bug Magic™ is the only solution recommended for use in the Bed Bug Guard™ System. It’s proven to kill bed bugs, destroy the eggs and provides a residual which will continue to kill bed bugs after applied.

Duration/Time of use: Bed Bug Guard™ should be run for 30 minutes for complete haze of the room. Bed Bug Guard™ will automatically shut down.

Haze Duration: Unit can be removed and used in adjoining rooms as soon as unit shuts down. Once applied, the haze duration is 2 to 4 hours depending on the size and ventilation of the room treated. Room should be closed without entrance for 3 hours after treatment has completed, Hazer has been removed. This will allow the haze to have maximum effectiveness.

Bed Bug Guard™ comes in 2 sizes. Call for Details and Pricing

Model Name

Bed Bug Guard™ Portable Prevention System

Haze Type

Thick/ fine haze


Designed for any size room


12.5 H x 18 W x 10.25 D


26 lbs. / 18lbs


Thermostatically controlled


Simple, dial timer to control duration and frequency.


5 amps

Battery Backup



2 gallons or 1 gallon


1 year when fluid is purchased from OTD/ 90 day warranty if purchased elsewhere.


Extended Maintenance Agreement Available.



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