A new standard is being set when it comes to mattress, pillow and duvet protection and Ultimate Bedding is leading the way.

Ultimate Bedding products have years of rigorous testing in high wash and dry cycles as well as exposure to diluted bleach with NO signs of deterioration, cracking or shrinkage. Liquids such as, coffee, wine, blood or other bodily fluids, such as, body sweat or odor refuse to penetrate our products.

These products are revolutionizing the bedding industry as we know it and with top leading distributors and hotels embracing and carrying them you will be able to experience them as well. Our product line includes: fully enclosed pillow cases, mattress and box spring encasements, and duvet encasements.


Ultimate Bedding Mattress Encasements
Size Retail On Sale


$198.98 $139.99
CA King: $198.98 $139.99
Queen: $189.98 $129.99
Full: 158.98 $109.99
Full XL: 158.98 $109.99
Double: 158.98 $109.99
Double XL: 158.98 $109.99
Twin: 139.98 $99.99
Twin XL: 139.98 $99.99

Please call for size details. Our staff will be there to help you find the perfect size to fulfill you encasements needs.

If you are a Distributor and would like to carry Ultimate Bedding, Please contact us for details.

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