N.J. Senate Approves Bill Aimed to Eradicate Bedbugs
From: NBBRA.org

The New Jersey Senate has approved a measure aimed at stamping out bedbugs.

The bill would require commercial facilities that have beds to have agreements in place with exterminators to eradicate bedbugs if they’re found.

Hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters and hotels all would have to sign bedbug treatment plans.

Bedbugs are small, parasitic insects that infest furniture and beds. They’re known for biting humans and other animals, mainly at night.

The measure passed the Senate today with overwhelming support from both parties. It now heads to the state Assembly.

Why Do I Need To Report a Bed Bug Infestation?

By: Denise Donnovan - NBBRA.org

You need to report a suspected infestation as soon as you can because YOU and your family are their blood meal. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly when given the right environment and regular blood meals. Many people are not affected by the bites and bed bugs can go unnoticed until they reach infestation proportions.

A single pregnant bed bug can produce enough eggs to become a serious problem in a very short period of time. With their hitchhiking nature, bed bugs can spread to adjoining rooms within a house or spread within the walls and structures of apartments, condos, multi-unit dwellings, businesses, schools, etc. This creates even more problems as people come and go from these areas bringing them home with them or spreading them to other businesses.

Bed bugs have been known to lay from 200 to 500 eggs in a life time and in the right environment (temperature and regular blood meals) these eggs hatch and become adults within approximately 21 days.

If you suspect or know you have bed bugs, immediately call for help. Do not delay, as each day can mean more eggs are being hatched and pregnant females are laying more eggs.

Helping us the Battle Bed Bugs

Only those who have “experienced” serious bed bug infestations can fully understand the devastation they bring along with; time consuming labor, emotional, financial and health implications and burdens. Don’t be one of them.

• Along with these cryptic little blood suckers, comes time consuming preparation. Before a pest control company can address the situation properly, you must have the areas to be treated prepared for proper elimination which takes a lot of exhausting time and effort.
• Emotionally, people are afraid to admit they have bed bugs and find themselves hiding from friends, not having company and not sleeping at night from fear.
• The financial obligation for proper bed bug elimination can be expensive and with the economic down turn in our economy many people cannot afford treatment. This is why catching them in the early stages will help to keep treatment costs down.
• Some people have reactions to the bite of a bed bug causing infections and scaring and in rare cases shock or other health related problems.

We all need to come together, learn about bed bugs, share information and create a huge public awareness campaign. NBBRA has come together with many throughout the world to create an outreach program and make available an authority resource for those who have to deal with bed bugs.

Through the sincere efforts of all those in this industry, we collectively produce educational materials that help to bring the bed bug pandemic into light where people can stay proactive in their approach.

By reporting infestations on our map, you will be helping in tracking and gathering statistics to better help us target areas that are in need of help.
Getting Help and Advice

NBBRA has a hotline and a map located on the site. This valuable resource center can help you find a reputable and experienced bed bug pest control company, detection dog companies, certified products and professionals in your area.

Each of these companies has been carefully chosen, abides by NBBRA standards and represents the best in their field and demographic location.
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