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While specializing in Bed Bug Detection and Eradication, NJBedBugsBite.com can inspect your home or business and remove the bed bug infestation. We work with you to make your home or place of business bed bug free.

So call us today! Don't let those pesky bed bugs bite anymore... We can help.

Our Services:

  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection
  • Bed Bug Elimination ( Pesticide )
  • Go-Green Elimination of Bed Bugs (Heat)
  • Certified Bed Bug Free Programs for Businesses
  • Bed Bug Education and Training for Businesses

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NJBedBugsBite.com can quickly detect and remove bed bugs from your home of place of business. We offer a variety of solutions from all natural heat to conventional pesticide remediation.

We will educate you in the different methods of bed bug removal. Help you find a solution to fit your budget and remove the infestation upon request. Bed bug removal can be expensive and the wrong company can wear on your confidence, mental state and your finances. So don't wait to call us. We can HELP!

We provide quality service and make sure your home or business is bed bug free.


  • Offers an completely unbiased inspection of your home or business. Our K-9 detection teams train every day.
  • Provides over 10 years of pest control experience.
  • Certified in Urban Pest Management through Purdue University.
  • Highly trained dogs to identify only living bedbugs through there life stages.
  • Educate you in the different forms of remediation and,
  • Provide a solution to eliminate your bed bug infestation

Call today to receive free, expert advice on identifying or treating bed bugs. We offer free quotes and information based on the latest industry research.

Where did I get bed bugs?

Description: 2010-12-03-Picture.jpgBed Bugs are invading everything and everywhere. Do you travel? Do you enjoy the company of others? Do you work outside of your home? You could get bed bugs in your home and not know it until it is too late. Travel is a huge way people bring bed bugs home. They get in your clothes, your bags and even snag a ride on you. Airplanes, trains, hotels, schools, malls and even renting a car can bring home one or many of these little hitchhikers. So looking at the number of ways bed bugs can enter your home, is there truly a way to keep them out? Unless you are a hermit and never leave the home or interact with others, you or someone you know will have bed bugs in his or her lifetime. Bed bugs are spreading and it looks like they are not ready to slow down. If you are faced with this problem, We are here to help. Call us at 1-800-975-0395.

K9 Detections Teams

NJBedBugsBite.com has a k9 detection team located in New Jersey. Our dogs are Belgian Malinois' and German Shepards. Our K-9's are Fully Certified and gratuated under the most difficult test in the industry to date. The K-9 detection teams are trained to locate bed bugs through all life stages. Our K-9's are fast, quick and most importantly extremely accurate. We have a 97% accuracy rate detecting bed bugs. Our K-9's train consistantly with bomb and narcotic master trainers to guarentee the success of the dogs. We perform pre and post K-9 inspections for our customers and are partnered with many reputable bed bug control companies to eradicate your bed bug problem.

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